Monday, February 23, 2009

divide & conquer [five perspective sketches]

[top three...]

[curry building: east exterior]

i love the loose sketchy, yet detailed style of the stone building example and the way it depicts the surface of the building.
i've always sketched with detail and a pencil, and shading, but this is my first time back to this style since we began drawing in pen so much. I really like this and it makes me miss drawing with pencil...

[example 2 link]

[curry building: main entrance interior]

as the example above uses line weight to show hierarchy, i tried
mixing pencil and pen, as well as contour and gestural lines, to show a similar view of the front lobby.  there's not as much contrast as the example, but I still like the subtle mix...

[example 3 link]

[curry building: stairwell]

the cross contouring in the example helps define the planes of the surfaces in that bathroom, and i thought that drawing a space like a stairwell could use some directional lines as well...
and i love this one! again, i went back to my pencil and also used a straight edge to map it out while using crosshatching to give depth, shape, and orientation.

[the other two...]

[curry building: facade]

here i tried another gestural contour playing with tight and loose lines. I like the composition a lot, with the plants in front and the building climbing up from behind.

[curry building: east exterior]

this one's my least favorite - i wanted to capture the area i travel every time I go to the curry building, but my contours in this one seem weak

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