Thursday, February 26, 2009

did i even eat last night...?

class warm-up: draw last night's dinner
yes! for once i DID find time to fix dinner!

Monday, February 23, 2009

divide & conquer [five perspective sketches]

[top three...]

[curry building: east exterior]

i love the loose sketchy, yet detailed style of the stone building example and the way it depicts the surface of the building.
i've always sketched with detail and a pencil, and shading, but this is my first time back to this style since we began drawing in pen so much. I really like this and it makes me miss drawing with pencil...

[example 2 link]

[curry building: main entrance interior]

as the example above uses line weight to show hierarchy, i tried
mixing pencil and pen, as well as contour and gestural lines, to show a similar view of the front lobby.  there's not as much contrast as the example, but I still like the subtle mix...

[example 3 link]

[curry building: stairwell]

the cross contouring in the example helps define the planes of the surfaces in that bathroom, and i thought that drawing a space like a stairwell could use some directional lines as well...
and i love this one! again, i went back to my pencil and also used a straight edge to map it out while using crosshatching to give depth, shape, and orientation.

[the other two...]

[curry building: facade]

here i tried another gestural contour playing with tight and loose lines. I like the composition a lot, with the plants in front and the building climbing up from behind.

[curry building: east exterior]

this one's my least favorite - i wanted to capture the area i travel every time I go to the curry building, but my contours in this one seem weak

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


the following 4 images are examples of contour drawings done in a a quicker, sketchier style - very close to the way I draw spaces.  And I really like how the first and fourth ones show more detail by using gray tones, color, and bold black accents.

[image 2 link]

this image is a good example of cross-hatching to show form and perspective of a bathroom

these 2 drawings use line weights in different ways:
-the first one's lines are accurate but sketchy, and limited to the major lines of that space.  The lines are very heavy on top of shading and textural lines behind them.
-the second image has very accurate, probably measured lines and the variation of crisp line weights are very noticeable

both put a lot of emphasis on important lines in the space

i love this lively drawing of a stone building.  The loose lines capture the shapes and textures of the stones and plants very well!

these are both detailed contour drawings that capture moments very well.

both of these drawings are accurate and very descriptive; the top one is a little more loose than the bottom, and creates a sense of a vignette as well as the color is only added to one area; they both use color to further detail and capture the moment of their space

Monday, February 16, 2009

[twelve] THUMBNAILS: curry building

Last thursday, suzanne had us go to our building [originally assigned to our groups on tuesday] and draw 12 thumbnails of moments within and around that building.  I tried to capture horizontal and vertical 2"x 3" views inside and outside of the Curry building, to show things like its facade and entrances, main lobby area, staircase, hallways, classrooms, orientation, etc. 

 The drawings from outside are a little rough because it was either really windy or really cold the days I went out to draw.  Also, I started to indicate the brick surface in some.

Friday, February 13, 2009

estimating the floor plan... [curry]

On Tuesday, we were split into groups and assigned a building on campus to estimate the floor plan of.  My group wandered through and around the Curry building, noting basic shapes of floor space, orientation of hallways, placement of stairwells/elevators/entrances and tried to depict major areas like the auditorium, lobby, main entrances, playground area, and layout of each floor.  The basement [first floor] was confusing as it wasn't one big H-like form like the upper two levels.  Instead, it was divided into at least 3 different sections, maybe more, each consisting of only a small hallway and a handful of rooms.  However, I think we understood most of the buildings plan and were able to clearly draw it out on paper.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

fifty people...!

foreshortening & entourage

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

gesture boot camp!

[30 second gestures]

[15 second gestures]

Monday, February 2, 2009

we were to draw a few of our classmates modeling their artifact...

three vignettes: with color